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In March 2010 the United Nations proclaimed a Decade of Action for Road Safety (2011–2020).  It will take a comprehensive approach to address this global road safety effort.


23 – Developing Road Safety Awareness For a Lifetime: Teaching them Young

Jorge Baxter and Road Safety Ambassador Grover

Jorge Baxter and Road Safety Ambassador Grover

Jorge Baxter is the Regional Director in Latin America for Sesame Workshop.[1] With over 15 years in the education, arts, and media fields and extensive experience in leveraging media and education for social change, Mr. Baxter is now raising awareness and educating young children about the deadly issue of traffic crashes. In this episode Mr. Baxter discusses what Sesame Workshop is doing to make an impact on traffic safety: globally, regionally and locally.

 Traffic Safety is a Global Issue

  • Road traffic crashes take the lives of nearly 1.3 million people every year, with almost half being pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.
  • Between 20-50 million people are injured in crashes.
  • Road traffic crashes have become a leading cause of death for our youth.

Because of statistics like that, the United Nations declared 2011-20120 the Decade of Action for Road Safety. With a goal of saving 5 million lives by 2020, governments and non-governmental organizations are taking action to change those numbers. Sesame Workshop is one of those organizations. Read More and Listen to the Episode >>>

10 – Traffic Safety: A New Year; A New Direction

A Conversation with Monika Samtani

Traffic Safety

Monika Samtani

Monika Samtani is an award-winning journalist, a business entrepreneur, and a mother of three.   As a media professional for over 20 years, currently the traffic anchor on Washington, DC’s WUSA 9’s Morning News, and the host for a morning news transportation segment called the Extra Mile, Monika provides a unique perspective on traffic safety.  She understands the importance for all of us to “just drive.”

Going the Extra Mile

While reporting traffic crashes from around the Washington D.C. metro area, Monika sees the significant impact poor choices can have on driving.  Speaking with me between her traffic reports, Monika provides a glimpse into the world of reporting traffic crashes, and why she says, “Just drive.” Read More and Listen to the Episode >>>


07 – Snap-2-Live:  Where Safety and Fashion “Click” Together

A Conversation with Ernesto Arguello


Ernesto Arguello wearing a Snap-2-Live belt

Ernesto Arguello is an international entrepreneur focused on creating new ventures that offer opportunities for others, which includes traveling everywhere to save lives with a “simple” message: Snap-2-Live.

Recognizing that traffic crashes are the number one killer of youth around the globe, Ernesto looked for a way to make a difference and stop the carnage.  One of the most effective and simplest ways he found is for everyone to buckle their seat belt when in a car.  However, being a proponent of encouraging youth to remember to fasten their seat belts can be challenging.  His solution?  Snap-2-Live.

Safety Belts and Snap-2-Live

Snap-2-Live is a belt worn for everyday activities that looks like a seat belt from a car.  Made of the same type of material but with bright colors, it stands out, and family and friends see it and ask what it represents.  By wearing the belt, it is Ernesto’s expectation that it will spark a discussion on the importance of wearing a seat belt, and create an easy reminder to use it in the car. Read More and Listen to the Episode >>>


03 – Gerald Waters: Making a Difference in New Zealand

Gerald Waters

Gerald Waters (center, front) receiving the Barry Sweedler Award

Gerald Waters is one of New Zealand’s leading advocates on ways to effectively respond to alcohol and drug offenders.  In 2010, his dear friend Katherine Kennedy was killed because of a drink driver.  (“Drink Driving” is how New Zealand refers to impaired driving.) Gerald has committed himself to learning about, researching, and promoting evidence-based ways to end drink driving.

Hearing that the man who killed his friend had 17 prior drink driving convictions, and yet he was still drinking and driving, was “madness.”  After this terrible tragedy, Gerald turned to understanding why this madness occurred.  It was that journey that allowed him to develop his research and ultimately his message of change.  Using his evidence-based research papers, and a drive for understanding, Gerald has brought together an impressive coalition of partners, and is changing how New Zealand responds to drink drivers.  In this episode, Gerald discusses his journey and lets us hear about his perseverance and determination. Read More and Listen to the Episode >>>


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